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Downers Grove, IL 60515 | Phone: 630.353.1709 | Fax: 630.512.0830 

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1597 Warren Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: 630.353.1709
Fax: 630.512.0830

GGI Snow Management is a division of Green Grass Inc. Since 1995, we have been providing snow removal services for the Chicagoland area. Our 10,000 square foot office and our 3.5 acre facility is located in Downers Grove, conveniently located to I-355 and I-88. During the winter months, we have additional satellite locations where we stage equipment and salt piles to quickly service our properties. 
Why GGI Snow Management?
Our job during the winter months is to keep your property, tenants and visitors safe. We provide all the snow and ice management services needed to keep safety our number priority. We prepare for each and every storm like it is going to be a blizzard. We are ready with the right equipment, the right manpower and the right plan of action to take on mother-nature’s worst storms.

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Your account manager will be your single point of contact that will assist you all winter long. All work is performed with our own equipment and our own employees as we will not sub-contract our work. We are always available twenty four hours a day by phone, email and text messaging, making it easy to communicate when needed. Our snow division is large enough to handle all your needs yet small enough to remember all the details that give you peace of mind.
We plow and shovel snow off before applying any de-icing materials. This helps speed up the melting property process, eliminates over salting and helps provide safe conditions walk and drive on. We hand shovel curbs so that your tenants and visitors do not have to walk over piles of snow to enter your building. We manage our operations with direct reporting on your property and four hour plow routes in a localized service area, allowing us the quickest service possible.
Pay for the services that are being performed, and that’s it. With our custom seasonal programs, we offer upfront rebate and surcharge costs so you will never have overpay with a seasonal contract or get blindsided with hidden fees. Using new equipment and highly experienced, trained operators, we are able to efficiently plow and shovel snow on your property. Those savings are directly passed on to you. We secure our de-icing materials all year long, so shortage of supply or high salt costs are not an issue.
All winter weather is monitored twenty four hours a day. You will be emailed weekly forecasts, updated forecasts as storms approach and have access to our live radar. You will also receive detailed weather reports from a third party meteorology firm that will help keep all snow events and seasonal totals organized. 
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