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Downers Grove, IL 60515 | Phone: 630.353.1709 | Fax: 630.512.0830 

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1597 Warren Ave.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: 630.353.1709
Fax: 630.512.0830

How many years has your company been providing snow & ice management services?

We have been providing snow and ice management services since 1995.

Does your company staff full-time mechanics in the event of breakdown?

Yes, we employ a team of mechanics that provide regular scheduled maintenance on all equipment. Mechanics report to our facility during storm events to quickly respond to breakdowns in the field. Mechanics also keep a full inventory of parts and supplies in house to keep our equipment up and running during the middle of the night.

Does your company have personnel and equipment on stand-by 24 hours a day during the snow season?

Yes. Snow operations are managed directly by the president of the company, who oversees each event as the acting snow commander. Supporting the snow commander in the field are snow managers that inspect the quality each job and follow up with the client for regular communication. We monitor snow events throughout the day and have our crews on standby ready at all times.

Can your company stack, bucket, and haul snow off-site if needed? If so, what types of equipment do you have readily available?

Yes. Our trained operators are able to use skid steers, front end wheel loaders, five, twelve ton dump trucks and semi-trucks to handle any services required for the property.

How does your company secure salt? If availability runs short, what is your procurement process so salt availability is never an issue?

Being in the snow removal industry since 1995, we have established many long term relationships, with several suppliers. These relationships are a critical key to our success in procuring salt and other ice melt products when shortages are predicted.  

Our main facility in Downers Grove, which has a 10,000 square foot enclosed shop, can house and inventory of 10 semi deliveries of bagged ice melt products and our 4 acre yard can house an inventory of up to 500 tons of bulk rock salt.

What processes does your company employ to protect a given property and prevent snow removal damage to the lots, sidewalks, curbs, landscaping, etc. 

Our continued success begins with our training program. We spend the extra time with our crews prior to any snow events to ensure everyone understands the property during the daylight and also during the evening. We also use the right size equipment for the property. Using the right equipment allows us to be more efficient in the field, avoiding any rushing during an event and ultimately resulting in client satisfaction.

We also pride ourselves on the communication we provide to our clients. Before we begin any service, we photo document any previous existing damage on the property. Broken curbs, cracked concrete, dead turf are a few examples of items we document to help avoid finger pointing in the spring. Any damages caused by our crews are also photo documented and sent over to management as soon as possible. Accidents will happen, our goal is to avoid them. When accidents do happen, we make every attempt to remedy the situation, taking the burden off of you.

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